Good morning Wendy, so the mistake made on my bonus check turned into a RAISE that will be effective next paycheck. In short, I guess the only way to correct the issue was a forced raise. Which Frank said he didn't mind doing since everything is going in the right direction with me. lol wow! Fantastic my Accomplishments are NOW being notices thank you and 21days of prayer.

A. N.Los Vegas. NA.

When I came to Wendy my life was filled with overwhelming negative attachments I was not able to get my day started with out a dizzy head after talk to Wendy and signed up for the 21days of prayer my life was easier to get a grip on as I purchase a few rounds of the 3week prayer clearly filled my head I stand up for my beliefs as that have become my virtue's I now in 2 houses and one is my income life ly hood I have the love of my 3 children I am very grateful I have provided a stable way about my self and life. Thank you Wendy.

Hi Wendy I am writing you as you asked on the auto. I needed to buy two 21 days of prayer because I had family problem and a work situation that was a 24 hour that stress ne out, no personal time for me or my wife, well I have to tell it like it is, the first time 21 days went slow because I was under so much pressure the second purchase I got a calm way about myself I experience my office staff where easy on me gave me time to talk, and time to submit my reports, phone calls are cut to a pleasurable minimum of chatter, I found my self getting to the point quickly. I spent uninterrupted time with my wife because I am focused, Great days ahead, thank you very much.

Tom. CALos Vegas. NA.

I went to Wendy for the 21 days of prayer service and am definitely glad I did! Before coming to her, I carried a lot of unnecessary guilt, worry and anxiety. The energies that exuded from these types of emotions interrupted my confidence. They also messed with my ability to stand up for myself and communicate like the intelligent, grown woman I truly am. Once the prayer cycle was complete my road opened up! My mind was clearer and I received increase in different forms in my life. I also feel more closely connected to God with a restored Faith that is stronger than its ever been. I trust myself and no longer fear change, challenges or confrontation (in a healthy way). My emotions are far easier to keep balanced now that I am more in touch with my inner spirit which guides me to the tools and techniques that work for me personally. Ive blown so much money on clothes, make-up and buying the love of others in the past. Im so glad I took the leap to change this pattern and invest in my well being instead. I am healed, whole and forever grateful!